Shri Sadguru Lalita Maauli

Swatma Gita

The explanation of above two illustrations is given in Swatma Gita.

Adhyatma Dattajanma

Adhyatma Shrikrishna Janmakatha

Antarartha Pandav Pratap

Shri Varalakshmi Pooja

Antarartha Ramayan

Varniyam Bhajanavali

To mark the Birth Centenary of Lalita Maauli (Akshaya Tritiya - 30th April, 2006), her devotees published five booklets in Marathi by Maauli - Adhyatma Datta Janma, Adhyatma Krishna Janma, Pandav Pratap, Varamaha Laxmi Pooja and Antarartha Ramayana. The inner, subtle meaning of the births of Lord Dattatreya, Lord Krishna and Lord Rama; and the spiritual interpretation of characters and incidences in Ramayana and a part of Mahabharat have been beautifully elucidated in these books.


   According to the ancients, Mahagola yoga or Ashta-Graha Yoga is caused by perfect alignment of seven to eight planets in any one sign of the zodiac, when there is also a solar eclipse. Such a rarest conjunction took place on 2nd February 1962. During that period in January and February 1962, Pujya Shri Lalita Maauli had the ultimate spiritual experience. The present book “Swatma Gita” is Maauli’s eloquent expression of the knowledge of the Self and the Ultimate reality which she herself had obtained to the fullest degree. The profundity of her thought, inimitable style of presentation of her mystical experience in a simple graphic manner, distinguish her works as those of a unique genius. The uniqueness of this book is evident from various illustrations drawn at that time which was an effort to elucidate the ultimate experience in a comprehensible manner which was in reality an inexpressible, inscrutable revelation! It was the time when she was totally absorbed or merged in that experience having lost the body consciousness for food, bathing etc. while she was fully awake as regards knowledge and was writing and explaining the subtler, intricate subject to the devotees around. It was extremely difficult to explain in letters [ Akshar] the supreme knowledge which is an imperishable[A-kshar] Truth ,even the Vedas and Upanishads could only say “neti neti” “not this, not this” and kept mum, and then as if ‘Adishakti’ got incarnated in 20th Century to expound her own secrets of divine manifestation!


    During that time Maauli had a vision of Adi Shankaracharya; and by the orders of Acharya , on 5th February 1962 Maauli consecrated ‘Maha Saraswati Peetha’, a seat of higher learning, a perpetual centre of ‘Atma Vidya’. This treatise of divine knowledge of the Self; also called by Pujya Maauli as [Sachitra Sangeet Jnaneshwari] , a treasure of Supreme knowledge expounded with illustrations and in verses, songs and prose in Marathi with deep meaning as regards the origin of the universe through a dot or ‘Bindu’, the manifestation of the universe through AUM and the formation of human being, correlation between Nara [Man or Human being] and Narayana [God or the Supreme being] . It also poetically simplified the Vendantic philosophy of Adi Shankaracharya and Upanishadic truths. It also guides the sadhakas on various topics through lucid elucidation of few stanzas of ‘Haripatha’ of Sant Shri Jnaneshwar , a great saint of 13th Century.


    The beauty and grandeur of this book is that even an ordinary sadhaka will get some idea that there is something stupendously higher reality which created this divine sport in a systematic manner with a purpose; the multiplicity, grace , splendour, versatility , awesome play of the divine would enhance his respect, devotion and love for the Lord since each one of us is a part and parcel of this divine creation as well as the creator; an immeasurable source of supreme bliss, love, joy and consummate peace. This will induce an aspirant’s mind for deeper thinking and contemplation.


    Maauli’s Swatma Gita was presented to HH Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji of Shri Chitrapur Math on 5th March, 2006. Swamiji’s message appears in the Foreword. Swatma Gita is Maauli’s eloquent expression of the knowledge of the Self and the Ultimate Reality. It reflects her mystical experience - as if Adi Shakti Herself incarnated in the 20th century to unfold Her secrets of Divine Manifestation!


    The above mentioned books which are in Marathi, and a short biography in English are available for sale at Shri Nityanand Nilaya Gurukul. In one of her telling messages Maauli says:


    “Neither wealth nor rank can ensure happiness without, love, sympathy, tolerance and peace of mind, one can be rich, great, powerful but not happy. There is no riches above sound health and no joy above the joy of the heart. The love of God is best shown by the love of man. All things work together for good to them for those who love God. Keep in-nocence and take heed unto the thing that is right. For this shall bring a man peace at the last. Man is the master of his fate to a certain degree. If he is not, the fault lies at his own door. He can make his life as he chooses. A triumphal march or a funeral procession! What you wish to be that you are. For such is the force of Our Will joined to the supreme that whatever we wish to be seriously that We Become. Moreover, we generally know what we ought to do. For conscience tells us more than seven watchmen that sit aloft a tower. Happiness is a con¬dition of mind, not a result of circumstances. How happy is he born and taught that serveth not another’s will, whose armour is his honest thought and simple truth his utmost skill.”


    In one of the letters to a devotee Maauli says, “As you know my child that a man can half conquer his fate by timely wisdom. I believe in it for if I had just relied on fate I would have suffered untold mise¬ries. But I tried to fight with fate by surrendering to Guru Shri Nityanand Baba and informed about that to H. H. Swami Anandashram.


   A CLEAR CONSCIENCE is GOD. In that pure heart only, the Supreme Power resides. Man can cheat man but not God; who is all knowing and can be experienced. All love and all Bliss! But not by the petty minded who fail in their duty. The large hearted who forgive the ill doers are blessed.


   What is a Clear Conscience? It means pure thoughts, pure words, pure deeds and pure compa¬-nions; which purify the heart and naturally in a purified heart the existence of the spirit is revealed. Then head and heart combine and wisdom flows. The inexpressible wisdom of the spirit dances in the brain and the soul loses its individuality and bliss¬fully merges into the spirit. There is no joy like the experience of self realiazation. The thousand and one earthly pleasures which are temporary are not equal to that supreme bliss. It is inexpressible.


   In other words the clear conscience means ‘Is’ ness in one’s own individual self, which itself is God. It has divine powers. That ‘Is’ness is in every being. All creatures do possess this though unknowingly. Only man can know its existence, if he goes deep into the core of his heart. Abolishing his ego totally, he can experience the pure ‘Is’ness. This conscience is pure as crystal. Its existence is concealed by man’s ignorance. It is still there in everybody’s heart know¬ing each one’s good or bad characters. None can hide anything from that pure conscience. It guides every individual soul. But man is not apt to listen to the Inner Voice of the pure conscience. If he does, he is blessed eternally. But the individual soul resists listening to it. That is why he fails in his common¬sense.


   The intellectual powers are very great no doubt but even the intellect gets support from the all know¬ing conscience which is called ‘Intuition’. The wisdom of intuition never fails. It gives correct guidance at every step in man’s behaviour, and brightens his commonsense with discriminative capacity. The fluctuating mind of man craving for the desires of the outward material pleasures and gains is so lost in its ignorance of his own blessed spirit that it is not eager to spend even a few minutes a day to search for the inner conscience of the spirit. He thinks himself a different soul from the spirit and takes the responsi¬bilities of all his actions on his false ego; that is why his knowledge is limited. Indeed, he gains knowledge from all the spiritual books but without personal experience. The bookish knowledge cannot yield the required satisfaction or the peace of mind. Peace is always internal. Circumstances or outward environ¬ment has nothing to do with the internal peace.


   To attain this blissful peace one should have the satisfaction of having fulfilled all one’s duties perfectly well. Each man’s duty differs; but the first and foremost duty of each man is to realise his own self which is his eternal right. The spiritual wisdom and powers once earned will never be exhausted and his mental peace will always be eternal though he mingles with the world in performing certain duties.


   Clear conscience and commonsense are to be preserved as a treasure to gain and maintain one’s joy and happiness in the lifetime. This is real living. All the creatures and beasts do live in this world but certainly man is not born to live such an animal existence. He is a human being, and he must assert his humanity to earn spiritual bliss.”

Oh Lord, I know not what I ought to ask of Thee
Oh Father, give to Thy child, which he himself knows not how to ask,
I dare not ask either for crosses or consolation,
I simply present myself before Thee,
I open my heart to Thee,
Behold my needs, which I know not myself,
See and do according to Thy tender Mercy!
Smite or heal, depress me or raise me up,
I adore all Thy purposes without knowing them.
I am silent, I offer myself in sacrifice
I yield myself to Thee
I would have no other desire than to accomplish Thy will
Teach me to pray, to pray Thyself in me!
- AUM -
The following poem is the reply given by Sadguru Shri Lalita Maauli to a devotee’s question, “How does spiritual poetry spring spontaneously in great saints?”
Ah ye the soul ignorant
Do not fret or fume over the present, Neither brood over the past,
Nor think much of the future.
To cleanse the mind just give a start
Watch well and never let it halt,
Until it learns to play its part,
In the journey of forward march.
0 wisdom! From whence do thou springeth?
The words of knowledge in the ears ringeth,
Mind dissolves and wisdom commeth
Knowledge deepens and the soul swimmeth,
Freely and blissfully in the everlasting light
Gaily the soul riseth as a kite
From the bottom of the heart flows devotion
Lifting the soul into sweet salvation!

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