Shri Sadguru Lalita Maauli

Lalita Maauli lived a life of a hermit throughout. Many spiritual seekers came to her and sought spiritual guidance and blessings. Maauli left her mortal coil on 5th February 1997. As per Maauli’s Will, a Private Trust was formed by seven devotees whose names were suggested by Maauli in the Will. Soon after, one of the trustees Shri Devdas Nayak, a civil engineer, undertook the total renovation and restructuring of the Gurukul with the help of others, and the present structure is a result of his selfless service, hard work and dedication. He took sanyasa and lived in the himalayas from 2002. He expired on 14th August 2005 after a prolonged illness.

   On 30th April 1998, on Shankar Jayanti day, the Samadhi Mandir of Maauli was inaugurated at the hands of Swami Dattananda of Bhiwani , Ganeshpuri. Along with other rituals, Maha Vishnu Yaag was also performed.

   Maauli’s birth centenary was celebrated on Akshaya Tritiya day, 30th April in 2006 with great spiritual fervour. There were kirtans and discourses by eminent scholars. Five books were released on that day. The details of which are under the section ‘Publications’.


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