Shri Sadguru Lalita Maauli

This ‘Shri Nityanand Nilaya Gurukul’ is also known as ‘Nityanand Math’ in the surrounding area.

If you need more information about Gurukul, please contact:

Shri Nityanand Nilaya Gurukul
50/23, Swami Nityanand Marg,
Near Gokhale Hall,
PANVEL -410206 , Dist. Raigad,
Maharashtra , INDIA

A new visitor is requested to give prior intimation of his visit by calling or e-mailing much in advance.

Shri.R.G.Bhambure +91-9869179509

Shri.Vinay Masurkar +91-9820384535

Shri. P.D.Malekar +91-9969001811

E-mail : addressed to Vinay G Masurkar


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