Shri Sadguru Lalita Maauli

Sadguru Shri Lalita Maauli  

A foremost disciple of Bhagawan Shri Nityanand Baba of Ganeshpuri


Women saints have appeared from time to time to provide signposts to seekers of Truth. In the last century, Lalitadevi Devrao Hattangadi, having fulfilled her duty to the family, community and nation, moved on to a life of spiritual upliftment at the Gurukul in Panvel, about 40 Kilometers from Mumbai in India, established in 1956 at the behest of Bhagwan Shri Nityanand Baba of Ganeshpuri. There, she gathered a large following in and around Mumbai. She was popularly known among devotees as Shri Lalita Maauli. ‘Maauli’ means divine Mother in Marathi language. Her journey through life was rare significance to all the devotees who were in her presence ever since received Nityanand Baba’s message at her age of 19 in 1924 or those who sought blessings at ‘Shri Nitryanand Nilaya Gurukul’, Panvel. This Maauli’s Ashram at the present place was formally inaugurated by Shrimat Anandashram Swamiji of Shri Chitrapur Math on Rathasaptami day, 5th February 1965. Bhagwan Shri Nityanand Baba's padukas [wooden sandals] were consecrated there. Devotees have been visiting this place for religious practices – anushthana, saptaha and reading of scriptures and other spiritual works. There were many who were afflicted, depressed and dejected individuals who came into Maauli for solace, consolation and relief. Their sufferings were alleviated and they got the much needed encouragement for their pursuit of normal life.


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